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Hiring And Retaining Customer Focused Staff

on the 20 April 2017 in Automotive News

If customer service is important to you, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be; think on this: the average customer satisfaction score in the Motor Trade is around 65%. This means in an average business 35/100 customers are not completely satisfied.

Clearly this is worrying, in an industry that strives for perfection, having over a third of all customers in some way unhappy is not great news. There is however some good news.

It is impossible in any business, save for a sole trader, for every customer to be handled by one dedicated and highly trained individual; once this is recognised, it becomes of paramount importance to make sure the staff you do have and especially those you take on are of the highest order where customer service is concerned.

Retaining highly customer focused staff is as pivotal as hiring them in the first place, losing them to a competitor could be commercial suicide.

How do you successfully recruit staff that not only add value to your business, but can enhance your customer satisfaction and retention?

Want to find out?

You will need to attend this year’s CDX17 Workshop
This workshop is a must for managers and leaders who are responsible for hiring staff and team performance.

With so much riding on customer satisfaction, getting the best staff to manage customer reaction begins with the initial hire.

This CDX17 workshop will be giving top tips and advice and explain how the experts make the best hiring decisions that positively affect their customers and company.


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