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S1 Recruitment Awards - See How We Shine

By Ashley Camies on the 13 April 2017 in Good News About Us

Jimi Matthews and Declan McAvoy are tonight representing Perfect Placement at the S1 Recruitment Awards in Glasgow.

The Event, hosted by Kevin Bridges, is held annually to celebrate the best in Scottish Recruitment. Perfect Placement are always looking for innovative ways to ensure our jobs are seen by the relevant people, and at the start of the year started posting Job Adverts via Vimeo and Youtube to reach an audience which was previously untapped. So to receive recognition at such an early stage in our process is amazing!

It is a huge achievement for us to have been Shortlisted for the Best Recruitment Video, entering a selection of our Videos, the panel were impressed with what they saw and we received the great news that we had been shortlisted as Finalists for the Awards.

We wish all of the other finalists Good Luck.
If you would like to see our final entry into the s1 Best Recruitment Video, please watch below.


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