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Scrappage Schemes – Multiple Benefits

By Nick Paul on the 13 September 2017 in Currently Trending

In the run up to September there was a lot of talk about scrappage schemes that have been put in place by the majority of manufacturers. With car registrations going down for five consecutive months in the run up to September there was a hope that these scrappage schemes would not only be a great thing for the environment but also a good thing for the motor trade.

With some manufacturers offering up to £6000 off, (VW will offer this if you trade in a car registered before 2010 and emission standards lower than Euro 5), on a Sharan consumers are getting a great deal. Will this help stimulate the car industry in September to generate a lot more new car registrations? Would it inspire you to go out and buy a brand new car when you weren’t potentially thinking of one?

With the main objective of the scrappage scheme being to become a much greener nation, most of the manufacturers are fully committed to scrapping all of the cars they take in under the scheme. With the long term goals of most manufacturers being the change toward hybrid and solely electric cars this almost feels like a good time to get a stepping stone before this is the reality of all cars.

With diesel car values falling up to 26 percent it is a great time for consumers to take advantage of a good deal on scrappage to get themselves in cleaner cars as well as help the environment.

Hopefully, there will be multiple benefits to the current scrappage schemes with consumers getting a good deal on new cars, newer cars helping the environment and dealerships benefitting from increased registrations, which is a good thing for all of us in the motor industry.


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